Sneakers Shoes

The difference between running and sneaker shoes is commonly debated all around the world. It is not just the debate, but the similarity of a sneaker and running shoe often confuses people. Is there any way to distinguish a running and sneaker? Yes, there are different ways to distinguish the two. However, the process is challenging, but the difference mentioned below might help you do the same.

Remember, the difference between the two starts with the name itself, running shoe for running and sneaker for blending in anywhere.

Sneakers Shoes

  1. The main difference between the two 

Sneakers are soft worn shoes that could be used for a casual occasion or sports. However, they cannot be used for intense training or running purposes. In simple words, a sneaker could be used as running shoes or gym shoes if the intensity is not too much. On the other hand, running shoes are designed for running and intense workout alone, it is not suitable for a casual occasion or any other purpose.

  1. Cushioning 

Every shoe will have some sort of cushioning and as the thickness or level of cushioning increases or decreases, the comfort of wearing it also differs accordingly.

Running shoe– running shoes require more cushioning and padding than any other shoe type. As running exerts too much force on the heels and forefoot and this demands better cushioning and padding.

Sneakersneakers come with comparatively less cushioning and padding than running shoes. The pressure on the foot is comparatively low when compared to running.

  1. Heel height 

Heel height is one of the factors that decide the stability offered by a shoe. Based on the size of the heel, the stability while using the shoe could vary.

Running shoe – the size of the heel decreases from the toe to the heel, at the heel the height is comparatively high and at the toe, it is comparatively less. Pick up a running shoe and see for yourself.

Sneaker – sneakers come with flat heels as walking demands only such type of heel. Some sneakers come with higher heels too, but, flat heels are a basic property of sneakers.

  1. Heel flare 

Heel flare is one of the additions incorporated into a shoe to enhance stability and comfort.

Running shoe – running shoes come with comparatively more flared up the heel, which ensures stability and comfort to the user while running. This feature also prevents foot injury while running.

Sneaker – sneakers will not have flared heel, if there are flared heel in a sneaker it would force the foot to roll or fold forward while walking, which could injure your feet.

  1. Flexibility 

Shoes could be flexible based on the type; however, the flexibility of a shoe could be concentrated on some sections.

Running shoe – a running shoe will flex from the arch to the midfoot. This is what makes a running shoe different from other shoes.

Sneaker – sneakers would bend only at the arch and too much flexibility is bad for the foot, there will be no support of the flexibility is too much.

Understanding the different types of shoes and the actual difference between each type of shoe is important to select an appropriate type of shoe from the market today. I hope the above-listed facts would help you distinguish between a sneaker and running shoes.

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